Micheal Jackson Biography, Career, Net Worth and facts

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Micheal Jackson Biography, Career, Net Worth and factsMichael Joseph Jackson born (August 29, 1958), in Indiana, United States. He was the eighth of ten children who had Katherine Esther Jackson and Joseph Walter Jackson,an African-American couple of musicians. Joseph, who was convinced that his children had the talent to succeed, involved them with the music landscape from a very young age.

In the future, everyone would have some direct relationship with the industry and become known as the Jackson family.

Thanks to his unrivaled talent, Michael Jackson (1958-2009) transcended the musical terrains to become one of the most culturally representative figures in history.

His unrepeatable style was reflected in his iconic songs and his unique way of dancing, elements that were forever etched in the public’s mind. If you were looking to know everything about the life of the pop king, you’ve come to the right place. Get comfortable and enjoy Michael Jackson’s biography.

The Jackson family


Directed by hisfather, Michael Jackson and four of his older brothers formed a group known as The Jackson Five. At just five years old, Michael was chosen to be the band’s lead vocalist due to his impressive vocal record. Although the ensemble’s early years did not bring huge successes, the quintet continued to perfect its musical style and received an offer from the Motown label in 1969.

His Rise to Stardom

As The Jackson Five’s popularity grew, Joseph became a stricter and more abusive manager. With Michael Jackson as the face of the group, the quintet released their first album produced by Motown in late 1969. The album, titled Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5,featured a huge reception and became known through singles such as I Want You Back and ABC. Over the next year, the ensemble became a musical phenomenon.

Michael Jackson and his Thriller

While Michael Jackson continued to develop his musical style, The Jackson Five elevated his success with his album Triumph,released in 1980. Two years later, Michael revolutionized the world of music forever with his album Thriller. The album remained at the top of all charts for nearly two years and won 8 Grammy Awards. Determined to be a soloist, he departed in what would be his last tour with his brothers in 1983.


During the early 1990s, Michael Jackson’s music continued to enjoy enormous popularity. The album Dangerous and their single Black or White released in 1991 were an excellent reception. However, Jackson’s new musical hits would come along with various controversies when the audience began to notice a marked change in his appearance. In addition to an obvious nasal surgery, the singer’s skin color was becoming noticeably lighter.

According to various media outlets, Michael Jackson had begun experimenting with facial surgeries after undergoing an operation after an accident in 1984. For his part, the change in his skin color was attributed to a desire of the singer for wanting to be white. These events polarized the audience and divided it among staunch fans and diehard critics. Simultaneously, Jackson began donating much of his record revenue to charity.

In 1993, Michael Jackson attended an Oprah Winfrey interview in which he explained that he suffered from a condition known as vitiligo, which caused his skin to discolor. Jackson, who usually did not give interviews, also spoke about his father’s abuse of his father as a child. However, the controversies were far from over, as that same year he was accused of having sexually abused a child in Neverland, his private home and amusement park located in California.

Michael Jackson vs. Adversity

Even though new allegations of sexual abuse emerged, the lack of evidence led to all claims against Michael Jackson to be diluted. After overcoming these difficulties, the star announced that he had married Lisa Marie Presley, the only daughter of the legendary Elvis Presley,in 1994. However, the union proved unsuccessful and the couple eventually divorced two years later. That same year, Jackson married Debbie Rowe, with whom he had his first two children.

The year 1999 would bring for Michael Jackson his second divorce. However, the superstar maintained custody of his two sons and overcame this difficult moment through music. He used adversity as inspiration and began working on a new album, which would be his first production with only unreleased material in 10 years. The album was named Invincible and saw the light in 2001. As was customary, the album reached a huge number of sales.

The musical success was accompanied by a new joy for Michael Jackson when an anonymous mother was artificially inseminated to give birth to her third child in 2002. A year later, she would return to controversy when new lawsuits for child sexual abuse emerged against her. Jackson was arrested in late 2003 and faced 10 separate charges. The legal conflict lasted until 2005, when he was found not guilty after a trial that represented a huge media event.

Preparing for the king’s return

Although Michael Jackson had won the trial, the consequences of the scandal had been devastating to his reputation. The deterioration of his image resulted in a shred of his finances, which was exacerbated by the debts he had in the past few years. The situation reached a break when Neverland lost due to debt in 2008. That same year, Jackson began preparing a return tour that promised to return him to stardom.


*During his economic debacle, Michael Jackson received help from the Prince of Bahrain. In addition to lending him, the monarch invited the singer and his family to his country, where they remained for almost a year. Jackson even had his own recording studio and composed new tracks in the city of Manama.

*The fact that Michael Jackson’s name still piqued enormous interest was demonstrated when the artist sold more than a million tickets to his London concerts in just two hours. Huge demand forced organizers to increase the number of dates from 10 to 50 and all submissions were exhausted in a short time. Although it was known that Jackson was working the tour, the misfortune was about to hit the music world.

*Less than a year after its departure, Thriller became the best-selling album in music history. The magnificent production became even more popular after the release of the video clip corresponding to the single namesake, a production of more than 13 minutes with special effects, makeup and elaborate dance numbers.

*The album Thriller featured several musical singles that released the charts, such as Beat It and Billie Jean. Thanks to this production, Michael Jackson became a world-class star. He continued his success with the album Bad,which was released in 1987 and featured monumentally successful singles such as The Way You Make Me Feel and Man in the Mirror. To promote the album, Jackson spent more than a year on a memorable tour.

*Like several of the successful musical groups of the time, The Jackson Five featured their own animated series on television. The production was named The Jackson 5ive and aired on Saturday mornings between 1971 and 1972.

*After reaching adolescence and starting to pursue individual careers simultaneously, Michael Jackson and his brothers wanted more creative control over the way their band was handled. Eventually, the quintet broke off relations with Motown in 1975 and released their third album, titled Destiny,under the label Epic. A year later, Michael released a new solo album, which he named Off the Wall and broke sales records.

The Death of Michael Jackson

On June 25, 2009, just two days after conducting an elaborate rehearsal for his tour, Michael Jackson died as a result of cardiac arrest in his home in Los Angeles. The autopsy determined that the cause of the heart attack was an acute overdose of painkillers and sleeping pills. Later, it was confirmed that Conrad Murray, Michael’s personal doctor, had made a number of mistakes in prescribing his medications. In light of this evidence, Murray was sentenced to four years in prison for murder.

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