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Landry Bender

Landry Bender is a 20 Years old well-received Actress from Chicago, Illinois, United States.

A millennium child born in August, will we be wrong if we call Landry Bender an August visitor to planet earth? Her beauty tells tales of old screen divas that pronounced the coming of one greater than they were.

Landry Bender, a 20yr old screen beauty born on the third of August. She is well known for her role in ‘Crash and Bernstein’ as Cleo Bernstein. Her role as Cyd in the Disney 2015 sitcom ‘bestfriends whenever’ has made her a sweetheart to many American TV viewers.

That voice of Makini in the ‘lionguard’ that is loved by many is also her’s, She plays Rocki, Jackson’s girlfriend in the ‘Fuller house’.

Landry Elizabeth Bender attended a normal secondary school in Beverly hills, California and for an actress that started her career at the age of 11years, she hasn’t done badly- she is worth $34.5m.
Only 19 but my mind is older’ is the instagram bio of Landry Bender- This goes a long way to show how the creative mind of this beautiful young actress works.

Landry is bright and intelligent and from her interpretation of roles, one can see that she is a talent that we are yet to see her best works.

She was only 10years old when she got to work with director, David Gordon Green, not even well trained actresses can deliver to the genius level of this director but young Landry gave her all and did well to interpret it well.

Landry sings, plays guitar and writes music but her most notable talent as regards music was showcased in her role in ‘The Sitter’, her rap game can be said to be awesome and some of her fans may have wishes that she comes up with a rap LP soon.

Starting with Disney seemed to have shaped her for the challenge ahead and she has grown into her own. Her metamorphosis into that actress we all love to see in our favorite Hulu and Netflix series.

We all know that the future is bright and Hollywood is already prepared for it, Landry Bender seems to be amongst those ladies that will be part of Hollywood’s plan. Her fame is growing and she has loads of fans that producers can’t resist.

Her pretty probing eyes will ask you questions as you follow roles she interprets in a plot and her beauty might just serve as the needed hook for your audience.

Many would like to know if Landry Bender has a boyfriend and I am sure a lot are even more curious about her sexuality, so we set out to answer some of these mouth watering questions. Landry Bender seems to be single but she is really close to boy band and Actor Ricky Garcia and her sexuality isn’t suspect, so I hope your curiosity heat has been doused.

We do hope that Landry Bender grow up to do greater things and become even more impressive.

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NAME Landry Bender
NICKNAME Landry Elizabeth Bender
NET WORTH US$ 35 Millions
PLACE OF BIRTH Chicago, Illinois, United States
Not Known
DATING Possibly Single


  • Landry Bender has had quite a lot of success as an Actress and her evaluated net worth currently stands at around US$ 34.5 Millions.
  • Earnings is US$ 36K Per Episode .
  • Bender is yet t get married and have no kids at the moment


EYE COLOR Brownish Green
HEIGHT 1.6 meter
BODY TYPE Mesomorph


Landry is active on Social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

She has 96.6k followers on Facebook, 54.6k followers on Twitter and 1.2m on Instagram.

Twitter- @Landrybender

FAQ ABOUT Landry Bender

Who is Landry Bender’s Mother?
Amy Bender

Landry Bender with her Mother

Landry Bender with her Mother

Who is Landry Bender’s Father?
Trey Bender

Landry Bender with her Father

Landry Bender with her Father

What is Landry Bender’s brother’s Name?
She is an only child

What is Landry Bender’s Chest Size?
32 in

How many Children does Landry Bender have?

Where does Landry Bender currently live?
Los Angeles, California, United States

Where was Landry Bender Born?
Chicago, Illinois, United States

How much does Landry Bender earn?
US$ 36K Per Episode

Who is Landry Bender Dating?
Possibly Single

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