John Legend’s biography, Career, Facts

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John Legend's biography, Career, FactsJohn Legend born on December 28, 1978 is one of the most complete artists of his generation, and he is certainly not afraid of changes. He has an exceptional talent to masterfully carry out every activity that is proposed. This is demonstrated by being awarded at various occasions, and by being recognized as one of the few EGOT artists. Read on this page to find out more about the impressive history of the American singer and actor in the John Legend biography.


He had his high school education in his hometown, and where he graduated with a second honor in his class. He was subsequently invited several prestigious universities and academic institutions in America such as Harvard and Georgetown.

He eventually decided to go with the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied English philology oriented to African-American literature. During his study the University of Pennsylvania he approached the world of music, and was part of a jazz & pop a cappella group. John garnered rave reviews for his voice and performances during his time in the group.


John Legend started his career with small performances in Philadelphia, and as he soon rose to prominence, and started to make more performances in larger cities in the couuntry, he played in top cities such as New York and Atlanta. John produced two albums that he promoted during his performances, titled Demo (2000) and Live at Jimmy’s Uptown (2001).

With time he came in contact with Kanye West through Devo Springsteen and later went into a recording contract, and that was the beginning of John Legend’s career.

He got his stage name from the poet J. Ivy, who began to call it this way because he perceives that, John’s music “sounded like that of ancient legends”.

John Legend’s rise to Stardom

Their debut album, Get Lifted,was released under the label good music in 2004. This one featured the participation and editing of music greats such as Kanye West and Get Lifted became a bestseller and sparked John Legend’s fame internationally as it soon reached the top of the Billboard charts.

The upheaval caused by the rising star reached its climax in 2006, when he bagged the Grammy Award for Best R&B Album. In addition, he was nominated in the categories of Best New Artist and Best Male Vocal Performance R&B. After this fact John Legend’s rise to fame was unstoppable,and command respect from of some of his colleagues who subsequently approached him for collaborations on different projects.

Same year he got his big break, he went ahead to smash a new album, titled Once Again,featuring Kanye West and The success achieved by this album was tremendous and managed to chart at the top of Billboard’s “Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums” chart, where the most prominent tracks were Heaven and Save Room.

In 2008, her new album, Evolver, was released. In it he focused on giving the message that his music would “not be stagnant” and “evolve”, which he achieved perfectly. This album featured important tracks for the artist, such as Green Light and Satisfaction.

In 2008 he played a soul singer in the film Soul Man,opposite Samuel L. Jackson.

In 2013 he released Love in the Future,in which John Legend stated that he had in mind to give “a more modern touch” to his singing career. The All of Me theme, contained on the disc, became one of the greatest hits of all time and attributed various awards and commemorations to him.

John Legend always had a lot of interest and admiration for the world of acting,so he dabbled in this field. In 2006 she participated in an episode of Sesame Street where he performed the song It Feels Good When You Sing a Song, alongside Hoz the owl,  

He subsequently made appearances on episodes of well-known series such as Las Vegas and Royal Pains,and also featured on Dancing with the Stars and Lip Sync Battle in 2010 and 2015, respectively.After the release of his album Darkness and Light in 2016,he participated in the famed film La La Land where portrayed Keith and sang the song Start a Fire.

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