Gia Macool’s Biography and Net Worth

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Gia Macool was born on 31st August 1986, into a Lebanese family in “The Theme Park Capital of the World”, as Orlando is depicted to the globe, in Florida, United State with diligent and perfectionist birth sign is Virgo and she belongs to an ethnic group of white. Gia Marie Macool is an American fitness, model, influencer, entrepreneur, YouTube star, and social media personality who became popular through the content she posted on Instagram in her early career, and, Gia capitalized on her initial fame, starred in commercials and photoshoots for an advertisement of big brands. After which, she launched and opened her domain, this is where she sells her products, as well as offering posing services. Currently, she is as well owned a YouTube channel that is sponsored by various fitness and lifestyle brands.

Body Description

Gia Macool is 5 feet 11 inches tall, weighs around 64kg, and her body measurement is 34-26-35, she used to wear size 10 shoes. Gia has black hair and dark brown eyes.


She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from Florida State University, the United States, which is known to be one of the best educational institutions in the country.


During her high school and college days, she was interested in jogging and she is a fitness enthusiast – while most of her friends were interested in partying and going to festivals, but she found solace interest in spending her days at the gym. As the years went on, she started looking more attractive, and she received suggestions and advice from various people that she could become a successful model if she ventures into modeling. She took some amateur photoshoots in Orlando though, but ultimately she decided to move down to Miami, which is the biggest city in her home state Florida, she believed that this city would provide more opportunities as an aspiring model. Immediately after she got to Miami, she started making connections and sending her resume to various websites and magazines. Her fit figure and charisma saw her rise to fame pretty quickly, at least in the fitness modeling niche.

On 21st, October 2012, she started her own YouTube channel called “CoolFitTV”, and this became an instant hit with fitness enthusiasts around the globe. Gia is using this medium (her YouTube channel) to share her knowledge with people around the globe. The essential of this channel is to talk about natural and easy ways to lose weight or gain muscle. She featured Ronnie Coleman in her first video, titled “How to become a BodyBuilder. This caused her to gain more recognition. Gia is opportune to post more videos, which gained significant great viewers. Apart from nutrition and workout advice, she also gave advice on contest-specific items like posing and preparing for differing competitions.



After receiving her Pro Card in late 2012, she was truly ready to succeed in the industry, as it’s a type of permission in the fitness world, which allows both male and female bodybuilders and fitness athletes to enter any competition. Although she didn’t succeed in this particular facet of her career, though Gia still used this success to expand her ventures. In 2014, she opened, her website, initially using the platform to sell fitness wear and lingerie, but she later abandoned this idea and rebranded the website. This website offers posing services, interviews, and anything else that people might need from one of the most famous American fitness models. Gia is regularly called on to make guest appearances at VIP events, club openings, and gala nights. Through hard work and perseverance, she has turned herself into a proper brand.



She collaborated with New U Life, which specializes in offering natural supplements and medications to people of all ages, and not only fitness enthusiasts. In addition to this, she also signed ambassadorial documents and became an official spokesperson for Datefit, this is an application which was designed to match people according to their fitness-related interests, she is also an ambassador to a popular dating app ‘Tinder’, but with a focus on working out. She is represented by Ramiro Productions.



There is no conclusive information about the current relationship status of Gia Macool. Though/, there were rumors about potential husband, and Gia has never attested nor denied this fact. On her social media profiles, there is no clue about her relationship life, it is mostly possible that Gia is single and that is she completely face her career. Even if she had a boyfriend, she most likely

wouldn’t have shared the fact with the world, as she is very private.


Net Worth

According to several credible sources, Gia Marie Macool has a net worth of approximately ranges between $900,000 – $2.5M, this accumulation of worth is through her appearances on many magazine covers in her career, as well as being featured on a multitude of websites and blogs. Her event appearances, consulting and product sponsorships have also contributed to her net worth.


Social Media

Like every model and influencer, Gia understands the importance of social media as a powerful tool for building brand awareness/ and engaging with her audience. Her favorite social media platform is Instagram, where she has over 2million followers with her verified account as @Giamacool and her Twitter handle is @GiaMMacool with over 100,000 followers. This is where she shares her thoughts and interact with her fans. In addition, she also has a Facebook page @GiaMacool1, where she is is liked by over 5.6 million people. Her YouTube channel, “CoolFitTV” is also a big reason for her popularity, with over 5,000 subscribers and a minimum of 300,000 regular views. Also, we can’t forget about her domain,


Quick Facts

Full Name:                              Gia Marie Macool

Date of Birth:                                   31st August/ 1986

Place of Birth:                         Florida

Ethnicity                                 White

Nationality:                                      American

Profession:                              Modeling

Religion:                                 Christianity

Height:                                    5 feet 11 inches

Relationship:                                    NA

Education:                              Florida State University

Twitter Handle:                      @GiaMMacool

Instagram:                              @GiaMaacool

Net Worth:                              $900,000 – $2.5 Million

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