El Cejas Biography, Music, career and Facts

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After becoming an internet phenomenon, El Cejas (February 2, 2001) became part of one of the most-watched television programs in Spain. His funny videos and eccentric personality earned him the affection of millions of followers, who laugh with his sketches and support him on different platforms.

If you are a fan of this renowned influencer,you can not miss the biography of El Cejas that we have prepared for you.

Biography of El Cejas

El Cejas

Diego García Arroba-Márquez was born in Madrid, Spain. He was raised by his mother, Rosa Márquez, in the capital, until the family moved to Mallorca when Diego was just 5 years old.

He completed all his pre-university studies on the island, where he enjoyed going out to play with his friends and going to the movies with his brothers.

According to his mother, he kept the dream of being an actor and loved watching movies over and over again at home.

While taking his first steps on social media, El Cejas met Sofian El Ben, an influencer who already had thousands of followers. The two struck up a great friendship and, although Sofian devoted himself mainly to modeling, he had several appearances in the videos of El Cejas.
It was during his teenage years that Diego began recording videos for YouTube, encouraged by his friends.

He began playing a crazy character named The Eyebrows, which showed hooligan attitude and vocabulary and threatened to hit others with meaningless moves. His videos began to gain notoriety on other social networks such as Instagram and Vine and El Cejas slowly becamea phenomenon among young people.

Videoclip and Got Talent

During 2017, El Cejas continued to accumulate followers on its social networks. He was limited to videos of less than a minute on Instagram, in which his character faced situations of everyday life showing his characteristic personality.

He took advantage of his popularity to bring out his first song in mid-2018,which was accompanied by a video clip uploaded to his YouTube channel. The song, titled Dembow del Pimpin,amassed millions of visits on the platform.

Some might be ashamed to show up and start singing and dancing in front of people who don’t know you. The problem is, I’m not ashamed and I’ve never had it. If people laugh and dance without knowing me, then they have even more merit than I do.

In early 2019, El Cejas competed on the well-known Program Got Talent. The young man presented himself by surprise on stage and performed the Dembow del Pimpin before an audience that already knew him very well and the unbeliever laughter of some jurors. Although he failed to make it to the show’s final, he withdrew applauded at an audience that laughed non-stop. The presentation of the Eyebrows was uploaded to YouTube and caused a furore on social networks.

In Big Brother VIP 7

From his appearance on Got Talent,The Eyebrows was part of the conversation in different media and his Instagram account gained even more followers. As a result of this upheaval, he was contacted by the Mtmad platform, belonging to Mediaset Spain, to have his own series. The result was a 6-episode production titled A Life of Shit and premiered in August 2019.

On the same day as the premiere of his series, it was announced that The Eyebrows would participate in the seventh season of Big Brother VIP. The decision was made by reality show executives with the intention of attracting a young audience.

As expected, thousands of Eyebrow fans tuned into the show on opening day. A few weeks earlier, El Cejas had released a new song, titled Put it there, through its Youtube channel.

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