Priyanka Chopra Biography: DOB, Family, Career, Marriage

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Priyanka Chopra (july 18, 1982) is a strong and influential woman who seeks to ensure the safety of women and promote their empowerment. He has shown this with tireless social work and messages of motivation. This talented actress took the opportunity she got at Miss World to show off all her skills and prove she can do whatever she wants. We invite you to learn more about his story in Priyanka Chopra’s biography.

Priyanka Chopra Biography: DOB, Family, Career, Marriage

Moves and bullying

Priyanka Chopra was born on July 18, 1982 in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, one of 29 states that make up the Republic of India. His parents, Ashok Chopra and Akhauri Madhu, who were doctors dedicated to the field of psychology, served his country’s navy. Due to the craft of Chopra’s parents, the family was constantly moving from place to place,so the education of the little girl and her younger brother, Siddharth, was very diverse.

Priyanka Chopra completed her first studies at La Martiniere, a ladies’ school located in Lucknow. She later moved with her aunt to the United States, and continued her studies at Newton South High School in Massachusetts. During his time in Massachusetts Priyanka he participated in various plays, studied classical music and sang in choirs. Years later he moved to Iowa and then to New York. He eventually returned to India, where he completed his studies at Army Public School in Bareilly.

During his high school years was harassed by her classmates because of her provenance. They used to make derogatory comments about the way they talk and the tone of their skin, a fact that affected their self-esteem. She managed to overcome this situation thanks to her mother’s advice and decided to enter may Queen’s beauty pageant in Bareilly. To her surprise, she won the contest and gained a lot of popularity locally.

Miss World, early in film and television

Priyanka Chopra enrolled at Jai Hind College in Mumbai. However, she decided to leave shortly after starting to try her luck at the 2000 Miss India beauty pageant. When she came in the second place she was given the opportunity to participate in the Miss World,in which she was the winner. This was a very important starting point for her career as an actress and singer.

He made his film debut with Thamizhanin 2002, and received harsh criticism for the little empathy he made the audience feel, all attributed to his lack of experience. However, this did not discourage her, and in 2004 she was part of the cast of the film Aitraaz, where she played the antagonist. Priyanka won the Filmfare Award in the best villain category and became the second woman to win in that category.

In 2008 she recorded the film Fashion,in which Priyanka Chopra incarnate Meghna Mathur, a model who would do anything to be successful. Thanks to this role she won the Filmfare Award for Best Actress and the National Film Award also in the category of Best Actress.

She made her Hollywood debut by appearing in the television series Quantico, in which she plays Alex Parrish, an FBI agent accused of a terrorist attack. Later in 2017, she played Victoria Leeds in the classic Baywatch, which allowed her to become a place in American culture.

Interesting facts

After Priyanka Chopra won the May Queen beauty pageant in Bareilly, her parents found the need to remodel the house they were living in. They had to build high fences due to the constant break-ins of their admirers and men captivated by their beauty.

In 2018 she married American singer Nick Jonas. The artists held a five-day wedding with different Eastern and Western styles.

The multifaceted Priyanka Chopra

The music always had a very special place among the interests of Priyanka Chopra, thanks to her close relationship with her father. He was the one who taught him the most basic aspects of music and conveyed his love for it. The young Indian professional recording was on the set of the film Thamizhan in 2002. There the director, Joseph Vijay, decided to use Priyanka’s voice and talent after hearing her sing casually.

In 2011 Priyanka Chopra signed a contract with Universal Music Group. Later, in 2014, he traveled to the United States to carry out the production of the album. A short time later she released the single In My City, inspired by her childhood and the change that starved for her. This was followed by Exotic,in collaboration with Pitbull,which was very successful in India.

After a series of awards and recognitions for his great talent and presence in the world market and more specifically that of India, he decided to experiment and dedicate himself to musical production. For this he created his own label in his native country, where he has dedicated himself to discovering and polishing new talents.

Any change or situation becomes much easier when you believe in yourself and the talent you possess.

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