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Rubén Doblas Gundersen (13 February 1990) is the Spanish YouTuber with the most subscribers worldwide.

Its channel is named elrubiusOMG and is renowned for its famous and fun video game gameplays, as well as for its funny video calls by Chatroulette. Be sure to read the biography of El Rubius to know in detail what the life of this famous influencer has been like so far.

Biography of El Rubius

El Rubius’ Childhood in Spain and Norway

El Rubius was born in Malaga, Spain, and has Spanish and Norwegian descent. At the age of 3, she moved to Norway with her mother, after her parents divorced. For this reason, he had friends of many nationalities within his environment.

A short time later, his mother entered into a relationship with another Spaniard, whom he nicknamed The Godfather because when his friends asked who he was, Ruben did not know what to answer, since telling him “dad” was difficult for him.

Later, the couple decided to move to Madrid, so the Rubius returned to Spain. At age 6, he started school; but his adaptation was very complicated because he was somewhat shy and still could not speak Spanish very well.

Eventually, he befriended children his age who possessed the same tastes: video game consoles and cartoons. When he started ESO (Compulsory High School), he moved to a different high school than his friends, so, again, he went through adaptation difficulties.

At the age of 16, El Rubius’ mother and new partner separated, and she decided to return to Norway. At this time, he met two of his best friends in the country, and also, via the Internet, Mangelrogel; with whom he shared game games for hours.

For Reuben, this time was rewarding; his studies improved markedly, he had good friends and he did what he liked. In 2006, he began uploading videos with one of his teammates about the games he played, without having any subscribers. Later, at the end of his secondary studies, he moved to Spain with his mother’s former partner and decided to start the 3D Editing and Modeling career.

Foray into the YouTube platform

Throughout his life, El Rubius had always had a great fascination with video games, as had his friend Mangel; and after some time getting to know each other online, they decided to rent a flat and share it.

It was at that time that Ruben formally started on YouTube, posting game content, given that both he and his friend thought it was funny, and they thought other people would enjoy it too. Its first channel emerged in 2008 and is named Rubius Z. Also, the first video published on this channel is titled “-Why YOU should wear helmets- GTA IV Video Editor. HD”.

After this, he began uploading videos from Skyrim, action Role-Playing Games(ARPG) video game, and so subscribers began to multiply. However, his leap to fame came when he created his second elrubiusOMGchannel, which came to light on December 19, 2011.

In this, he dedicated himself to uploading gameplays from various video games, including GTA V and Garry’s Mod. The first game published was in 2012 with a video called Skyrim – He does not know how to dialogue with giants,and despite lasting only 1 minute and 27 seconds, he achieved a lot of views.

Other El Rubius projects

In 2012, the elrubiusOMG channel rated as the number 1 with the most subscribers inSpain, and in 2013, it reached one million subscribers. Gradually, while becomes one of the world’s most famous gamers, he decided to take a step further in his career.

For 2014, El Rubius published his first book entitled The TrollBook, writing based on jokes that can be made to others.

This book managed to sell 40,300 copies in the first weeks of its release.

A year later, the same one on which the YouTube platform celebrated its tenth anniversary, the gamer got its diamond button by reaching 10 million subscribers. Months later, he was interviewed by Risto Mejide on his show Al Rincón on Antena 3, where he talked about how fame over the Internet changed his life.

Thanks to the Internet, I can be myself and people accept me that way. I feel much more comfort recording for YouTube than for television. El Rubius

In September of the same year, the YouTuber published his second book El Rubius: Virtual Hero, which is based on the world of video games, and stars in Rubius himself. In June 2016, she released the sequel Virtual Hero 2: The Impossible Tower, and in late 2018, she announced the release of an anime based on these comics.

On March 25, 2018, he held a Fortnite video game tournament, which featured 100 gamers from the YouTube platform. This tournament, made him set the record for the first live broadcast that surpassed one million viewers.

However, on May 24, Ruben uploaded a video to his channel entitled I’m going to give myself a time, in which he explained that he no longer felt so comfortable making videos at the time and that he was increasingly having a hard time being “the Rubius” in front of the camera. For this reason, he announced that he would pause his channel and take a vacation to clear his mind so that he could work on new ideas and regain his essence.

In June of that year, she participated in the Fortnite tournament, held by Epic Games (the company that owns the game), which featured 50 gamers and 50 influencers. His playmate was Canadian rapper PartyNextDoor.

In September, four months after announcing his partial retirement, the YouTuber returned to the platform, posting a video to make a draw. In this, he declared that he would make some major changes to his channel, then dazzle everyone with his return, and return to being the usual Rubius!

Without a doubt, it shouldn’t be easy to keep a character in front of the camera, trying to look more animated than you really are. Still, Rubius has shown that, despite the blows of life, we will always devote ourselves again to what we love most.

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